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Cancer Cells and Gold

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Do you recall hearing how IV injections of silver helped a friend or family member with arthritis? There is a good reason that it worked for them. Now there is a new kid on the block when it comes to injecting precious metals into our ill bodies.

Australian researchers have discovered that cervical cancer cells are inhibited from spreading with the use of extremely tiny amounts of gold. At the same time, San Diego researchers have discovered that tiny amounts of gold might be useful not only in treating breast cancer patients, but also in diagnosing cancer. Let’s study why gold is helping cancer patients.

One year ago now, the research journal, Medical Mycology (fungal research) pointed out that very tiny amounts (nanocubes) of both gold and silver exhibited antifungal properties in test tubes against several species of Candida yeast. When they added very, very dilute amounts of gold or silver particles to yeast, it died! Now you know why colloidal silver helps so many people! Soon, I expect colloidal gold will become available!

Linking cancer to yeast and fungus is becoming easier and easier, but it saddens me when these brilliant researchers believe that they have made a major cancer discovery. In fact, if they had done the simple research I did for this blog, they would have quickly discovered why dilute particles of gold works so well on cancer patients. It kills fungus! As you already know, sometimes fungus mimics cancer…

The Germ That Causes Cancer

germ-that-causes-cancer-smallThis book expounds upon the role of fungus in cancer.  Most physicians are unaware that common antibiotics may contribute to cancer while drugs that kill fungus often help cancer patients.  This is an important book that has been reduced to a much easier read for the layperson.  It includes a chemotherapy nurses notes, the confessions of a chemotherapy drug salesman and a physicians account of what he would do if he were diagnosed with cancer.

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