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The Old Testament refers to fungus or mildew in Leviticus. Yeast in general, sometimes as being analogous to sin, is referenced another 30 or 31 times. Yeast is also referenced a few times in a positive light too, as a means of enabling us to propagate God’s Word like yeast propagates in bread.

Here is an interesting point and I only mention it because it happened to me and perhaps to you, too!

In Vietnam, due either to sweating or monsoon rain, we in the fields were soaking wet for weeks at a time.  We lacked hygiene, to say the least. Athletes foot was a given, but most all of us had bleeding sores on our skin, because we stayed wet and didn’t shower for months at a time. I used to tell the wonderful Marines I worked with after seeing their sores, “you must really be athletic, because you’ve got athletes foot all over your skin!” It was fungus and I brought mine all the way back to America!

Skin that stays wet and dirty is vulnerable to fungal growth.  Most skin fungi, or dermatophytes, stay on the skin and do not get beneath it, unless broken skin enables entry. Bleeding skin allows the fungus to be transported from the skin to the inside of our body. Now, onto my point while getting back to the Old Testament;

Once Adam and Eve sinned, one of the first things that occurred was their awareness that they were naked and ashamed at their bodies.  They quickly covered themselves. Exit nakedness and enter illness. Covering our skin actually exposes us to increased health risks as I witnessed in Vietnam. Bottom rash, for example, is not a disease, but diaper rash is!

The NIV Bible asks this important question in one of the footnotes in Leviticus. “Why was mildew so dangerous? This fungus could spread rapidly and promote disease.”

How I wish our doctors knew this! Of course diflucan and nystatin wouldn’t be invented for a few thousand years, but what had been given to us as the ultimate antifungal? The sun! It is interesting that fungus is referenced so many times in The Old Testament as sin-like, and perhaps nakedness prior to original sin, prevented fungus from being problematic. As I see it, neither clothing nor human illness, nor even death was in the original plan, but fresh nourishment and sunlight was.

Anyone who has spent much time, soaking wet and out in the open, without proper hygiene or clothing changes are vulnerable to fungal growth. Skin sores almost guarantee that you’re skin problem will become deeper.

If you have a health problem that cannot be figured out, consider the sun as medicinal and tell your doctor you’d like to consider the use of any one of the hundreds of antifungal supplements that exist in health food stores. Try the Kaufmann 1 diet while sunning and supplementing. Diametric to what you are hearing from science, the sun is never ever your enemy-unless you make it one!

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