…and you thought they cared?

Doug Kaufmann
Thomson Reuters “MarketScan”, is a company that assesses the cost of prescriptive medications. Recently, they stated that the retail price paid by consumers for the 15 top selling brand-name drugs rose more in the past year than they did each of the last five years. 
  Why, you ask? When it comes to selling drugs, it seems that drug makers are concerned about two aspects of the American economy; healthcare reform and their expiring patents. What about the patients? Seems to me that their goal is not better or less expensive drugs for their clients, since they’ve already recouped your investments, rather more money for them because the future might be bleak! As a capitalist, I have absolutely no problem with making more money. But as a human being I have a real problem monopolizing words like “health care”, “treat” and “cure” and then behaving in a way that seems to be solely influenced by greed. One other problem; Drug companies are granted 20 year patents on their chemical configurations that doctors tell us to swallow. 20 years!

Would you guess that 20 years down the line these brilliant scholars might invent something other than acid blocking or serotonin inhibiting chemicals? In my humbled opinion, our grandchildren will look back at the past 75 years in science and joke about the chemicals that their parents and grandparents were dispensed merely to erase symptoms. By then, they will know the one-word answer to avoiding these prescribed chemicals. It still has to do with chemicals, but they will comprehend what we do not; nature does it right and synthetics led us down a treacherous path. Nature’s chemicals create…food. After the smoke filled boardrooms finally close forever, the questionable relationships with government agencies surface and shareholders sell their last precious share, there will remain little doubt that natures foods prevent illness. Non-ill people don’t require prescription drugs-at any price!
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