America Has a Drug Problem

The FDA has approved a drug to take if you become addicted to another FDA approved drug. Reuters recently stated, “The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has approved Swedish drug maker Orexo AB’s drug to treat opioid addiction, the company said on Thursday, sending its shares up as much as 14.3 percent in Stockholm.” 

Opioid drugs include Oxycodone, Hydrocodone, Fentanyl, Methadone and Codeine. According to the article, these drugs alone cause almost 75% of prescription drug overdoses. Additionally, since 2003, this group of drugs has caused more deaths than cocaine and heroin combined. 

MY TAKE- Have we all gone mad? How soon will it be before this 2nd drug requires a third drug to offset the damage it will cause millions of us? At an exact time in history when the FDA and their minions have an insatiable appetite for drugging and experimenting with us, should we trust that our best interests are being reflected in these drug decisions? Mind you, these are not bad people! They truly believe that the answer to their already approved drug side affects is more drugs. As they say, if all you own is a hammer, the whole world looks like a nail. The FDA simply doesn’t know anything about lifestyle changes that would preempt the need for their drugs! And so it is that more and more drugs will flood the market because they see a need for them.

My mom was right. She predicted decades ago that we would eventually lose this great and strong nation to drugs. Of course, she predicted that marijuana, cocaine and heroin would be responsible. Sadly, as this article points out, it is the “legal” addicting drugs that are killing us. Pain might start with a toothache or a hard tackle in football practice and lead to the unthinkable as the very doctors who used to hand out candy in his waiting room, now freely hand out addicting drugs behind closed doors.

What really infuriates me is the number of you who have been denied Nystatin or Diflucan by your doctors, yet these same doctors pass out opioid drugs without a second thought.

Indeed and without a doubt, there is need for judiciously prescribed pain medication. But how judicious can any prescribing physician be, when their education comes from the very companies that sell these drugs? It was those very “continuing medical education” courses that originally introduced them to opioid drugs in the first place! Now he learns that his pain patients require more drugs!

Any time we applaud the FDA (and financially reward a drug company) for approving a drug that serves only to offset the damage done by previously FDA approved drugs, we as a nation have a drug problem. Call me crazy, but I do not believe that the answer to resolving Americans health problems, many or most of which were caused by FDA approved drugs, will EVER be more drugs! One day when we come to our senses, this will be fodder for comedy shows. Until then, God Bless America!


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