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Allergies – The Worst Season Yet. But Does it Have to Be?

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Because of the unusually hot summer the United States has experienced, experts are predicting one of the worst years for the sufferers of seasonal allergies. 

Allergies are not something that I personally struggle with, at least not historically. The only time I have ever experienced what being allergic to something feels like was during an abnormally warm winter in Colorado while skiing. I’m not sure what it was, but my whole face itched, my eyes watered and the discomfort was unquenchable. This experience has definitely allowed me to sympathize with those for whom allergies are a very real, often year-round concern. It is miserable.

Often times, the only solution doctors have for sufferers of allergies are annual, monthly or even weekly shots. Other times, it is a cocktail of pills, steroids, and anti-histamines. All of these solutions bring their own complications and frustrations, and it can seem pretty hopeless. 

Can fungus affect allergies? I think there is some compelling to evidence that would say yes. A cursory glance the section on our site entitled “What the Science Says about Fungus” reveals THIS article, among others. 

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Doug has talked on air about one of his first clinics after getting back from Vietnam, which was a clinic devoted to allergy testing. The clinic was wildly successful, but this was before Doug had come to his conclusions on the fungus link to disease. Doug recalls reading a paper describing how food allergies were simply macromolecules of certain foods that escaped the lining of the gut and caused an immune response. Eventually, he was to conclude that fungi and mycotoxins where the culprits that made the lining of the gut permeable. He has often recommended probiotics, in tandem with the Kaufmann 1 diet, for relieving symptoms of allergies. Other medical studies have corroborated this advice, offering evidence that probiotics can assist in relieving the symptoms of allergies.

Can changing your diet really help relieve allergies? I’ve seen first hand how it can. I have a friend who is a perennial sufferer of allergies. He also sings for a living – two things that don’t particularly mix well. He had heard about Doug’s diet from our mutual friends and decided to give it a go. I saw him a week later, and he excitedly explained to me that in addition to losing eight pounds in one week, his allergy symptoms had all but disappeared! This was after years of chronic suffering.

My friend’s story would have surprised me more, except for while working with Doug, we hear similar stories every day. The Kaufmann 1 diet is a remarkable discovery, and a simple, elegant solution to problems that are often presented as being overly complicated. If you are a sufferer of allergies, why not give it a try for a week or two like my friend did? Turn what could be the worst allergy season on record into the best season of your life.


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