A Quick Thank You!

Doug Kaufmann
My days are long and I don’t take the necessary time to thank all of you who come to this website and leave such powerful endorsements and testimonials. Your words are not falling on deaf ears – just very busy ears!


I (Doug) speak for all of us here at our studio and offices and my family when I tell you this. We just learned in December that some 150,000+ people throughout America now enjoy our show…everyday! Truly, we never would have dreamed this many would find us, let alone tell their loved ones and friends about Know The Cause! It is one of the most humbling experiences of our lives to do what we do and to have the support that we do. Even more humbling is the letters that we receive daily.  

We requested that people share their topic desires with us on our website and later, enter comments on our new “eye to eye” feedback link. And you did!  About 20% of you have questions and show topic ideas that we try to honor within our shows. It was the other 80% that none of us was prepared for; 4 of 5 of you are using this link to either thank us for the show or for helping you overcome some health concerns. One of our consultants told us, “We’ve got to limit these incoming testimonials.” ARE YOU KIDDING? 

From the southern most tips of our cardiac regions (bottoms of our hearts), please accept our thanks to you, the viewers and website visitors.  Without you, this would be a job for us, but with you it is an honor. We always knew that if we could present America with something that was scientifically well documented and that really worked for we, the people, the benefactors would help us spread the good news. You’re doing just that! Many, many thanks from a very humbled group!  


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