A Prescription For Normalcy

A new study teaches us that babies who are exclusively breastfed for at least 6 months have higher IQ’s. About 75% of mothers begin breastfeeding after delivery, less than 50% of those continue for 6 months. The paper states that mothers returning to work account for so many of the early breastfeeding terminations.

MY TAKE-There is already so many positive studies on breastfeeding that it is time we stop researching. It’s good and normal and healthy…OK? Many years ago, I read a research paper that stated that science had recently discovered that prayer is actually good for people. It concluded that it was now OK to pray. I was absolutely dumbfounded, and I had to laugh, but based on this new evidence, supported by the scientific literature, I want you to know that I began praying that very day! Do we really need sciences permission to use our intellect, or our breasts, for the exact purpose that God intended when He made us? Are we too dependent on research? 
If I were a medical school researcher; for a fee, I’d carefully study hearing and then conclude that it was now OK to hear, based on my research. Isn’t that almost identical to what this breastfeeding paper did? Whew-what a relief! Women, you can now breastfeed because research has confirmed that your children will be smarter! Believe me, this is not news to women at all! 70 years ago, this research was not required, but today it is “powerful science!” 
As I’ve long said, women have intuition, whereas many men tend to be sorely lacking in this area. I don’t think that women need yet another study that confirms the benefits of breastfeeding. They already know far more about it than researchers. But male doctors might use the study to help their new moms, so I guess I understand the need for one more breastfeeding study.



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