A gut feeling about high cholesterol


Researchers studying the confusing science of cholesterol and heart disease have stumbled onto an incredible finding, yet they have no idea how to interpret it. Maybe I can help! Swedish researchers have discovered cholesterol metabolism might not be regulated by fats or oils within our diets, as has been previously thought, rather from the bacteria in our gut.

Here is a synopsis of the article:

  • These findings may be important for the development of new drugs for cardiovascular disease.
  • It is well established that cholesterol is the major risk factor for cardiovascular disease.
  • Drugs that reduce cholesterol levels have greatlyreduced deaths from cardiovascular disease.

First, I’ve never felt that elevated cholesterol predisposes one to heart disease. If that were the case, with millions of us now on drugs to lower cholesterol levels (statin drugs), heart disease would be a thing of the past for we Americans. It is still the #1 cause of death in America-despite statin drugs. Statisticians argue, “we’re on the right track”, while I argue, “the track might be right, but you’re on the wrong train!” These same statisticians spend their entire careers convincing us that pills are the cholesterol answer. Not their pills, but I believe they might be onto something! 
This study states, “We have shown how gut bacteria regulate the formation of bile acids from cholesterol.” All you and I have to do is to make certain that all of the antibiotics we took in our youth didn’t erase these “good gut bacteria,” which regulate cholesterol levels. If I am interpreting this study correctly, it seems that probiotics may one day become cholesterol fighting pills…. and that we can all do safely.



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