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7 Signs You Should Switch To The Kaufmann Diet

Switch To Kaufmann Diet
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Looking for a reason why you should try The Kaufmann Diet? Here are 7 signs it is time to make the switch. 

1. You Have Skin or Nail Fungus

Fungal infections on the skin and/or toe fungus are annoying albeit treatable problems and often thought of as harmless. However, visible fungus, whether it is on the skin, feet, or nails, could be a sign of a deeper fungal problems. Treating these problems topically is fine, but The Kaufmann Diet will address deeper issues that might be facilitating surface level problems. 

2. You Have Skin Problems 

Even if your skin problems do not seem fungal in nature, Doug Kaufmann’s work in dermatology revealed that often times an anti-fungal diet and regimen might address internal issues that manifest on the skin. The Kaufmann Diet is easy to implement but the results for skin patients seemed to be profound. 

3. You Suffer From Gut Problems

Often times, fungal and yeast problems begin in the gut. This can be the result of yeast overgrowth following rounds of antibiotics, or damage to the internal flora due to stress, poor diet, alcohol or other lifestyle factors. The Kaufmann Diet helps eliminate harmful yeast problems in the gut. It is beneficial to include probiotics in your regimen. 

4. You Are Carrying Extra Weight

The Kaufmann Diet is excellent for weight loss, even though it is not necessarily designed to be a weight loss diet. Interestingly, when people address a potential fungal problem via diet, they find that weight loss happens more effortlessly than it ever has. 

5. You Suffer From Brain Fog, Malaise, or Difficult To Diagnose Symptoms

Problems like brain fog or lack of energy might be a sign of a deep seated fungal infection. Particularly if you have problems or symptoms or issues that have eluded diagnosis, it might be time to treat those problems as if they are fungal in origin. 

6. You Have Lived In A Moldy Environment 

Living in a moldy home or working in a moldy office constitutes a method of exposure to mold and it’s poisons that can potentially have downstream health effects. Whether you are experiencing symptoms you suspect might be related to this exposure, or you want to get ahead of any problems down the road, now is a good time to switch to The Kaufmann Diet. 

7. You Just Want To Be Healthier 

The Kaufmann Diet eliminates many of the foods implicated in causing lifestyle-induced health problems. It promotes fresh, healthy, clean eating that facilities great health. Give the diet a try for 4-6 weeks and see if you don’t feel better than you ever have!


Getting started with the Kaufmann Diet


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