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5 Foods You Should Eat All The Time

Eat your Eggs
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Michael SmithMaking new habits often means eliminating your “go-to” foods. And, sometimes, when you’re beginning a diet and breaking old habits, it’s tough to know exactly what to eat. Instead of reaching for those foods you would normally eat, what do you reach for?

The Kaufmann 1 Diet is clearly outlined in all of the books for sale on the site, but the diet, itself, is outlined many other places online (and often on the show) for free. To give you a brief overview, here is what is included: Meats, which include grass-fed beef, lamb and bison; fish; chicken, turkey, duck and other fowl; and most other kinds of meat that you can think of, preferably organic and/or sourced from the wild. (You are advised to avoid processed meats because of some of the chemical additives). Most vegetables are included, but starchy tubers such as potatoes are excluded. Fruits are limited to green apples, lemons, limes, berries, grapefruit, avocados and tomatoes (a few others of the “tart” variety are included, as well). Nuts and oils are included, but try to avoid hydrogenated oils. Eggs are included, as is butter and heavy cream. Plain yogurt is included, but most other dairy products are excluded. Some pseudo-grains are included, such as quinoa and amaranth.

Excluded without question are grains, corn, peanuts, sugar and alcohol.

While the Kaufmann 1 Diet leaves you with an array of choices, the foods excluded are often what people habitually reach for – they are foods heavily included in the standard American diet.

Adjusting your lifestyle to a diet takes time. But here are five foods you should reach for all the time on Kaufmann 1, not only because they’re tasty, but they’re nourishing foods encouraged on the Kaufmann 1 Diet.


Nuts were once considered taboo because of their fat content. Now, the paradigm on fats has changed, and we now know nuts to be as nutritious as they are delicious. Containing high amounts of protein, fiber and good fats, make up a bag of almonds, cashews, walnuts, macadamia nuts and pecans to snack on. (Remember that peanuts and pistachios are both excluded from the Kaufmann 1 Diet because of they propensity towards mycotoxin contamination!)


Grapefruit is a tart fruit often recommended on weight loss diets. Eating one in the morning can make you feel more full and will keep you from craving other, less healthy fare.


These healthy-fat packed fruits have an irresistible taste when they’re ripe. Make into guacamole or just eat with a spoon out of the shell. Avocados are energy packed Kaufmann 1 winners.


Antioxidant-rich and tasty, berries are great by themselves or mixed into smoothies or yogurt. Berries contain a number of beneficial compounds, including a number of fungus-fighting nutrients.


The incredible egg is a perfect food for Kaufmann 1 dieters. It is portable in the hard-boiled form and versatile in the kitchen. It is low-calorie per volume and loaded with protein.

These are just a few ideas about foods that are delicious and easy to reach for. Reaching for these foods habitually will help curb your cravings for other foods not included on your diet; you’ll be doing your body a favor by making the change!

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