5 Candida Fighting Foods You Should Be Eating Every Day


The Kaufmann 1 Diet restricts many of the foods most people eat every day. These foods include breads, pasta, potatoes, corn and corn products. Finding ways to fill that void can be difficult, but while the Kaufmann 1 Diet is restrictive, many people are introduced to foods they would have never eaten before. Many of these are nutrient-dense foods that promote health while aiding in starving a pathogenic candida or fungal infection. Many, if not all of them, are delicious, too!

Many foods simply won’t aid in candida or fungal infection, by their nature. These are foods like meats, which are primarily protein and fat. These can help towards starving a pathogenic fungal infection. While these are great foods to have in your diet, there are other certain foods that are active fungus-fighters, with nutrients that actually work towards killing fungus. Listed below are some potent fungus fighters that you can include every day in your Kaufmann 1 Diet!

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil has proven anti-fungal, anti-candida properties, and can be used topically to this end. But the benefits of coconut oil do not stop there. It is delicious, useful for cooking, a great source of energy and is thought to be beneficial for the cardiovascular system. Look for extra-virgin and cold-pressed varieties. Some varieties of coconut oil are hydrogenated, and these kind should be avoided.


Garlic’s health benefits are legion; it is thought to be beneficial for the cardiovascular system, works as a vasodilator (increases blood flow through blood vessels) and can have positive effects on the liver. It also contains many powerful nutrients, including alicin, and contains antioxidants. It’s potent anti-fungal and anti-candida properties are what make a fantastic food to enjoy regularly on the Kaufmann 1 and Two Diet.

Nuts & Seeds High in Omega 3 Fatty Acids

These include walnuts, almonds, pumpkin seeds and many others. These make a great snack, are packed with energy and are extremely portable. Omega 3s, among their numerous benefits, exhibit Anti-fungal activity.


Carrots contain the powerful, fungus fighting nutrient falcarinol and plenty of antioxidants, such as beta carotene. Juicing carrots is a great way to concentrate nutrients, or eat whole as a satiating snack.


A potent superfood, kale is great in salads or juiced. Kale contains a number of fungus fighting nutrients and is among the most nutrient-dense foods you’ll find on your supermarket shelves. Kale has risen in popularity in recent years, so finding creative ways to enjoy kale is easier than ever.

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