Ep 56 – What is Echo Water? – With Paul Barattiero

November 15th, 2017

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Doug Kaufmann
Paul Barattiero

2:30 – What does water have to do with great health?
3:00 – “I think I’ve found something that can help your wife!”
7:00 – Your Body’s Many Cries For Water
8:00 – “We’re delivering hydrogen, and water is the delivery for the hydrogen”
8:55 – “Doesn’t water already contain hydrogen?”
10:00 – Hydrogen has a selective target
10:40 – Hydrogen reduces oxidative stress
12:30 – “Simply increasing pH in water isn’t helpful…”
13:00 – How Echo Water is different from alkalizing water machines
14:00 – Testimonies and stories
22:30 – The benefits of a portable far-infrared sauna

Click here for more information on Echo Water or the far-infrared sauna,



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