The Yeast Demon And Carb Lust


I used to lust over food. I was a “Carbivore” to the core. I loved cake, doughnuts, cookies, anything made with grain, wheat, carbs and yeast. If it was covered in frosting or had a cream-filled center…all the better. My motto was “the more sugar the merrier”. I was addicted.

When I started on the sweets, I could, Not, Stop, until I had a tremendous stomach ache, began sweating and generally feeling TERRIBLE. At my worst, I remember looking at my online bank statement one month and noticed I had spent $70 on junk food from my neighborhood gas station. That’s a lot of junk food friends. I lived this way until I was about 27 years old.

This time in my life was filled with a constant depression and the inability to concentrate or stay focused on anything besides getting more sweets. I literally thought I was crazy.

Then one day I read a book saying that carbs and yeast were the issue, and that the food pyramid was indeed, not the ideal way to create ideal health (to say the least). This grain-free information was completely contrary to everything I had been taught growing up, but what the heck, I had nothing to lose besides about 20 lbs and a black cloud that followed me around. So…I cut carbs, wheat, flour and yeast completely…and guess what happened???

Everything changed for the better, and I mean EVERYTHING changed for the better. Obviously I lost the weight, but more importantly my mood went from darkness to sunlight. From cold and rainy northwest pacific coast in the winter, to warm and sunny Miami Beach, if you know what I mean.

My confidence went through the roof, my appearance improved and I began to shed my anti-social ways (and shame) and embrace the world around me. This “carb-apillar” turned into a butterfly overnight.


What happened internally to cause such a dramatic change you ask?

Unbeknownst to me, (but common knowledge to you that have been following Doug Kaufmann for any length of time at all) I had been hosting a fungus in my stomach for over two decades. You see yeast, which is in most baked goods, is actually a fungus. I had been empowering this unwelcome parasite every time I ate sugar, yeast, carbs or grains of any kind. That was the reason I was always craving sweets, the yeast demon in my stomach was demanding sustenance, and I was its willing enabler.

When I eliminated the grain, wheat, carbs and yeast cold turkey, I began to starve out the yeast/fungus in my stomach, thereby releasing myself from the addiction I fought for the majority of my life. (I always thought I lacked will power and gumption, turns out it had nothing to do with my personality, just my food choices.)

I am now yeast-free and feel sharp, clean and powerful EVERY single day of my life. I have the solution, I know the road map to success and I have freed myself from the shackles of food lust. All it took was the knowledge of how yeast affects my body and my life. Thank you, Doug!

The best news is that I can still eat breads, tortillas and even pizza without enabling the yeast demon. I just eat the yeast-free, grain-free kind of breads, tortillas and pizza, the Guiltless Superfoods kind.

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