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The Importance of Meat on the Kaufmann 1&2 diets

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All of Doug’s Phase diets seek to eliminate certain things, most notably corn, wheat, sugar, alcohol, and antibiotics. These are foods and drugs that are either highly contaminated by mycotoxins, feed parasitic fungi, or are themselves mycotoxins (in the case of alcohol and antibiotics), which Doug contends cause very serious diseases.

He has published extensively to this end. But initially, even foods such as potatoes, sweet potatoes, legumes, and sugary/starchy fruits (i.e., melons, oranges, bananas) aren’t allowed. While your options become limited, there is one entire group of food that is completely allowed – Meat. 


In the media, and especially in health circles, meat is the subject of much controversy. It seems impossible for any of the experts to agree on whether meat is healthy to consume. Studies come out frequently, often with contradictory data. Generally, it is recommended that you keep your intake of meat, especially the red variety, to a minimum. This is especially important for heart health and maintaining healthy levels of cholesterol, allegedly. Of course, often in the same breath, you’ll be recommended a diet high in whole grains and cereals. Fungi and mycotoxins are never taken into account, and the fact that a diet high in grains and sugars might actually contribute to high cholesterol levels is never addressed. 


The Kaufmann 1 diet is a carnivore’s dream. Meat is a cornerstone of the Kaufmann 1 diet, and in order to fill the caloric deficit resulting from the elimination of grains and sugars, sometimes it is consumed in rather copious amounts. However, and I think this goes without saying, I know that no one at KTC would recommend eating meat exclusively. This can be hard on your kidneys; instead, a balanced intake of vegetables, especially the green, leafy variety, meats, nuts, and allowable fruits is recommended. And as always, be sure to consult your licensed healthcare provider when going on any health regimen.


Obviously, meat comes in all different varieties, but across the board, it is loaded with protein. Varieties such as beef and lamb are loaded with iron, selenium and zinc. Lamb and turkey are loaded with tryptophan; all meats are loaded with B vitamins as well. I have a number of friends that are vegetarians, and this is one thing I’ve heard them concede about having meat in the diet; they must be cognizant of where they are getting their B vitamins. Without these vital nutrients, you can expect your energy levels to drop. For people who consume a healthy level of meat, this isn’t a problem. 


Many people’s contention with meat is the fat content. After all, fat makes you fat right? Anyone who has followed Doug’s work for a while knows that this is a misnomer. This isn’t a new idea, and gradually it is becoming more mainstream. After years of being pitched a high-grain (and ultimately high-carb/high-sugar) diet and watching the resulting expansion of our collective waistlines, Americans are coming around on the idea that fat may not be the culprit. Still, science is teaching us that the fat issue is a more nuanced than fat being good or bad.


Everyone knows about good fat vs. bad fat. Everyone also knows about omega 3 fatty acids – the kind found in salmon, nuts cod liver oil and a host of other healthy goods. But did you know that even beef can be a great source of omega 3? Check back in later on in the week for a blog on why it is important to know where your meat comes from.

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