Skin Cancer-The Fungus Link

Published studies enable us to see what is currently believed to be the cause of malignant melanoma, a deadly form of skin cancer. Mutations in a protective type of “Superman Gene” that we all have, called the p53 gene, give rise to malignant melanoma. We are constantly exposed to cancer, but the p53 gene inhibits cancer cells from becoming tumor growths.

Malignant melanoma begins within skin cells called “melanocytes.” If the p53 gene becomes mutated, the dark skin pigment called “melanin” often continues to be produced by the melanocytes. This is why most malignant melanoma cancers are identified by their dark color. When healthy p53 activation occurs, despite exposure, cancer is averted. p53 gene mutations enable uncontrolled tumor cell growth and proliferation.

What Causes Ordinarily Healthy p53 Genes to Mutate?

Our grain supply is often impregnated with a fungus called Aspergillus. Aspergillus makes several poisonous by products (mycotoxins), one of which is known to cause human cancer. Aflatoxin b1 is known to cause p53 gene mutations.


My earlier blogs (Diabetes Drugs Work For Melanoma / The Fungus Link To Diabetes -More Proof!) taught that when diabetes drugs are added to cancer drugs, they become more effective in treating an often-deadly type of cancer called malignant melanoma. I believe the diabetes drugs work effectively for both cancer and diabetes because of the antifungal properties within them. These properties abruptly stop Aspergillus fungus from depositing its poisonous aflatoxin b1 mycotoxin into the bloodstream where is mutates our protective p53 genes. With the viscous cycle of aflatoxin b1 causing the p53 gene mutation now halted, the p53 genes can once again protect against cancer growth instead of contributing to it. Removing all of the technical words and data from above, here is what I believe you need to know:

1. Diabetes and cancer are intimately linked and I believe that most autoimmune disorders are. We know from previous studies that p53 mutations are linked to malignant melanoma (although I disagree that they are the cause, as this blog teaches), but a study published in the journal Anticancer Research in 1997 states; “It seems that diabetes contributed to accumulation of mutations in the p53 gene…”

2. Correct me if I’m wrong, but given the propensity of grains in our diets coupled with the propensity of mycotoxin producing fungi within those same grains, the solution to cancer and diabetes, although it sounds incredibly naïve and simplistic, might be as easy as following the Kaufmann 1 Diet.

3. With diabetes drugs being antifungal drugs now, I predict we soon see a decline in diabetes rates.

4. Be strong, eat well and check with your doctor…

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