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Many of you who read this blog also subscribe to our monthly newsletter, Know This. I have an article that will appear in this upcoming edition, and I hope you get a chance to read not only mine, but all the other awesome contributors, as well. 

I talk in that piece about not making new year’s resolutions.


In short, my reasoning is that the idea of a new year is really just a construct in our heads, and while the idea of starting over sounds like a good idea, that idea simply isn’t enough to motivate most people to stick with any kind of new year’s resolution. Which is fine; you’ll have to read the piece to find out more! Regardless, the end of the year is a good time for reflection. 

This last year flew by for me, as I’m sure it did for many of you. I was perhaps busier than I’ve ever been before. This year saw me healthy at times and sorely lacking in health at others. But one thing I did notice this year was the frequency with which I saw many people being afflicted with very serious diseases, notably cancer. Fortunately, it was no one I was very near to, but because of the hyper-connected world that we live in, you don’t have to see and talk to people face to face anymore to be exposed to what they go through. 

Some of the people that I watched suffer through and ultimately succumb to disease were very well known, others less well known. Some of them were terribly wealthy and able to afford the best medical care that money could offer, and some of them died penniless. Ultimately, notoriety or money didn’t matter. Most of them, I feel, were too young to leave this earth. Cancer and other diseases seem to be indiscriminate towards social stations. 

What did strike me was how even virtually unlimited supplies of money couldn’t save certain people from the ravage of disease – the best medical care available wasn’t enough to adequately treat certain things. Does that mean that medicine has failed us? Well, not exactly. If you were, however unfortunately, in need of some very urgent emergency care, I don’t think you could be in better hands. The doctors, medicine and technology available to you would undoubtedly put you in the best position to have your life saved, however unfortunate that circumstance may be.

I do believe something, though. I believe that people aren’t born to be sick; I believe that there are certain things we can do, most notably dietary things, that are powerful tools that help prevent debilitating diseases and that can help us achieve long lives filled with vitality. That is the whole message here at KTC. 

2011 may have seen you at your best or at worst. You may have had the unfortunate luck to see people you love suffer and pass, or you may have blissfully avoided seeing such things. Life can be difficult or wonderful, but the most important thing, I think, is experiencing it with the people you love. All the better to do that feeling well. Regardless, I hope that 2012 is your best year, yet. 

Signing off for 2011, and looking forward to 2012.

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