Replacing Soda and Other Sugary Drinks



The rate at which Americans consume sugar is alarming––official estimates point at upwards of 120 lbs per person per year! Knowing this, the national healthcare crisis begins to come into focus; sugar consumption has been linked to obesity, which is subsequently linked to a number of other diseases, including heart disease, diabetes and cancer. Therefore, at the root of many of these lifestyle diseases may simply be an overconsumption of sugar.

The Fungus Link to disease theory takes the overconsumption of sugar problem one step further. If sugar is fungi’s preferred food of choice, could deep-seated pathogenic fungi be responsible for influencing––or even causing––some of these diseases? Even though a link between certain behaviors and certain diseases has been observed, most are considered cause-unknown by science. It may make sense to at least consider fungal infections and/or mycotoxins a cause, especially since, at the rate many Americans consume sugar, it is likely that many of those same people who suffer from disease may also suffer from pathogenic fungal infections. While these are documented by science, they can be notoriously hard to diagnose, and most doctors would rarely implicate fungus in any sort of disease, even with symptoms of unknown etiology. While this may seem far-fetched, there is some evidence to support the idea; check out the Fungus Link series in our book section!

Fortunately one of the best things one can do to avoid problems with pathogenic fungi is to avoid sugar. For many people, this starts not so much with what we eat, but what we drink. Much of the sugar people consume on a daily basis is found in the drinks they consume, anything from sodas, to sports drinks, to juice, to those purportedly “healthy” vitamin-enriched drinks that are a part of many people’s daily routine. Even a brief glance at the nutritional facts reveals an alarming amount of sugar in many beverages, even those considered healthy.

Knowing this, particularly if you are trying to adhere to a Kaufmann 1 or Two diet, it is critical to eliminate most beverages other than water. For many people, this may prove more difficult than for some. But if sugary drinks are your vice, here are some ideas to help ease the transition away from them.

Flavor your water.
Not with those sweet, chemical-type flavors, but with something such as fresh lime or lemon juice. Slicing up cucumbers or berries and letting them soak in drinking water placed in the refrigerator can be a refreshing change of pace from plain water. Just avoid sugar, food coloring or other chemical flavoring agents.

Juicing occasionally can help concentrate nutrients found in fruits and vegetables, which may be ideal for those on the diets. Stick to Kaufmann 1/Two approved fruits and vegetables with plenty of greens. Juicing is best done with fresh produce and fresh juice is best consumed immediately rather than store bought.

Sparkling or Mineral Water.
This can provide the fizziness many people miss from soda. Avoid flavored or sweetened varieties.

Use stevia or xylitol in a pinch.
These can help take the edge off of sugar withdrawal for those that suffer from a sweet tooth while trying to kick the sugar habit. These are Kaufmann 1/Two approved sweeteners.


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