Reduce the Risk of Your Horse Being Exposed to Mycotoxins

The website, recently published an article with the above headline. In the article, horse owners learned that mycotoxins are invisible, but toxic fungal metabolites that caused a wide range of symptoms and diseases in their horses ranging from a loss of well being to liver damage.

Overall the article taught how to purchase and store the horse’s food, how to keep their bedding cleaned, and how to look for mold in the food supply.

MY TAKE-Change the word “Horse” in the headline to “Child”. What has amazed me for decades is how our veterinarians and farmers absolutely know about mold and the many illnesses it causes in horses, including reproduction problems like spontaneous abortions and/or infertility. 
The problem, of course, is that our pediatricians don’t! Most would scoff at the notion that eating mold-contaminated foods like corn or peanuts could cause any health problems. If I ever get sick, I’m making an appointment, with a qualified veterinarian, immediately!


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