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There has been a debate in health for some time over the efficacy of diet in promoting vitality. 

The most conservative and conventional health practitioners have long said that diet does little to affect your overall health. They would contend that your health is exclusively determined by your genes and that should you be unfortunate enough to be subjected to “idiopathic” diseases, the only relief you will find will come in the form of patented, chemical medicines. The most “radical” health practitioners claim that diet has much to do with your overall health, and that you have control over much of the good or ill health that you will experience. They would contend that food can be medicine, and that smart supplementations and lifestyle choices can prevent you from ever having to deal with very serious health problems.

For a while, it seemed as if the conventional paradigm was the dominant school of thought, but I think that more people, even in the conventional medical community, are coming to accept that lifestyle is integral to good health.

Doug has long taught that diet and exercise are the keys to good health. This is something he practices in addition to preaching. A diet that is void of grains, corn, sugar, starch, alcohol, etc., can go a long way towards diminishing your chances of getting sick. These foods often contain fungal metabolites in addition to helping pathogenic fungi thrive – to things which may contribute to many of the health problems that humans face. In other words, a nutritious diet that fights fungi and steers clear of their toxins, combined with exercise, proper rest and smart supplementation, may be the keys to health and vitality.

Most people who visit this site are already familiar with this school of thought. But, if you are new and would like more information, you can find it HERE or HERE.

The problem for most people that are familiar with Doug’s work is implementation. Despite its simplicity, the Kaufmann 1 diet is remarkably incompatible with the modern lifestyle most American have carved out for themselves. Taking time to prepare fresh food takes more energy than going through a drive-through window, and preparing meals from fresh ingredients requires more thought than punching four buttons on a microwave. Somehow, through the miracles of modern chemistry, food companies have made it cheaper to buy processed foods than whole foods, while using every chemical and marketing trick in the book to try to make these foods irresistible to people. For many people, it boils down to a numbers game, or a simple cost/benefit analysis. How can I get the most food and the most convenience for the least amount of money?

I wish I could tell you that eating Kaufmann 1 and tailoring your lifestyle to experience vitality is easier and convenient than not, but I can’t, because it isn’t. It takes a little effort, and yes, sometimes your grocery bill is higher. But what many people forget, however, is that the money you save in the short term you will pay in the long run, somehow. That extra money saved now might go to hospital bills of medicine later. And it isn’t just paper currency that is ultimately squandered. The lifestyle choices you make now will affect you in the long run, guaranteed. A little extra investment your health now can go a long ways towards the degree to which you enjoy life in the future. Similarly, failing to invest in your health today could come at a heavy price down the road.

So, is it worth it to pay the extra money and put forth the extra effort now? I’ll let you decide.

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