On The Road With Doug: A Report From Oklahoma City

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The two things I enjoy most in working with Doug are doing the TV show and going on the road to do seminars. On the last Saturday of February, Doug did a seminar in my hometown of Oklahoma City at The Health Food Center. It was a ball, as always. Doug taped a few Know The Cause segments in the store with Guy Evans of Bioactive Nutrients and Kim Bright of Brightcore Nutrition (Sweet Wheat), which you will soon see on the show. Guy and Kim both spoke at the event, which was attended by several hundred people, and then Doug spoke for an hour or two.

The thing that’s interesting about hearing Doug do a seminar is that no matter how many times I’ve heard him do it, there’s always a fresh angle. He usually tells about his Vietnam experience and how he returned home sick. He usually tells about his progression from the world of food allergy testing into the world of fungus and mycotoxins. But he always includes a few tidbits or new studies that I hadn’t heard before. There are testimonies of the people he has worked with over the years, (both colleagues and clients), and it simply never gets old. The fact is, when you’ve found something that works, as Doug’s anti-fungal protocol has for so many, you become a life-long student and evangelist.

Something that I always love is when new attendees come. They’ve usually been invited by a friend who faithfully watches the show. You can tell that they think it’s a seminar about toenail fungus and have no idea why their friend would demand they come. “I don’t have fungus; I have migraines”, they might think. Or weight problems, or a litany of other conditions. But when they hear Doug talk through the process step by step, and you see the lights come on in their eyes, it’s awesome.

Another thing I can’t get over is the number of people that attend who have incredible testimonials. I’m struggling, because I want to name some of the conditions people tell us that have resolved, but I have to be careful how I communicate it. Doug isn’t a doctor. He doesn’t diagnose or prescribe or treat any conditions, nor does he claim to. He talks about the potential for people’s conditions to be linked with fungus and their mycotoxins. If the conditions is linked with fungus, dealing with fungus very often resolves the condition. People tell you their testimonies with tears in their eyes, and it’s impossible not to rejoice with them.

A couple of years ago at an OKC seminar, a doctor approached me and asked for information about Doug’s protocol. He was back again this year, but this time he was armed with testimonials of his patients having dramatic turnarounds, thanks to Doug’s tutelage. He was scribbling notes as fast as Doug could speak. It’s fantastic to see when health professionals keep an open mind and at least try it for themselves. When it works for them, they immediately want their patients to experience the same benefits they have. Again, when you find something that works when nothing else has, you’re hooked.

I think I’m most intrigued by people’s questions. Newbies always wonder if this diet is the same thing as a gluten-free diet. It isn’t. They’re thinking it’s probably low-fat, meat-free, and full of whole wheat bread. It’s not. I love it when we can explain why it’s possible that previous attempts at sticking with a diet may have failed because they felt deprived, whereas this plan leaves you feeling satisfied. Or why an understanding of mycotoxins may have been the missing link in their otherwise good-health plan.

If there’s a frustration, it’s when people quietly say, “Look, I’m not going to do a diet or take any supplements or exercise; but what can you recommend for my problem?” As a nutritionist, diet, supplements, and exercise are all I have! People want their cake, while being immune to the effects of the cake. It takes one to know one, and I know this because I’ve tried that plan. I’ve tried eating junk while hoping that a few supplements here and there will neutralize the junk. It almost never does. Instead, I’ve found that eating well is like magic. I’ve found that eating well and taking great supplements and adding in some exercise can be almost miraculous. Now that I realize it, why would I ever want to go back to strategies that yield only marginal results? How could I, in good conscience, recommend anything less than something that turned my entire health life around? I can’t, but because I understand people’s motivation behind the questions, I can speak to them from experience.

Listen, if you ever have a chance to see Doug live, do it. If you can’t, just know this. When you’re in a room full of lay people and health professionals who can’t wait to shake Doug’s hand, thanking him for helping their lives completely change, your confidence in his plan grows. I’ve been fortunate to experience this countless times, and my passion for this message keeps being re-kindled time and time again. My prayer is that this passion comes through on TV and on the web, and that it inspires you to take hold of this message and become the next testimonial we revel in. You, like the thousands of people we meet across the country, can do this.

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