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Insoluble vs Soluble Fiber

Soluble Fiber
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Fiber comes in two forms, soluble and insoluble. Soluble fiber dissolves in water, insoluble fiber does not, which is the primary difference between the two. These unique properties, however, confer different benefits. Soluble fiber is associated with lower cholesterol and blood sugar control, whereas insoluble fiber is know to help assist in regularity and promoting the health of the bowel.

Supplemental fiber, in the form psyllium hulls, is recommended while on The Kaufmann Diet. This insoluble fiber assists in keeping you regular, but as the diet starves yeasts and fungi in the gut, psyllium can be beneficial for helping remove these organisms and their poisons out of the gut.

While on The Kaufmann Diet, be sure to include high fiber foods, like nuts, avocados, vegetables, green apples and berries. The fiber inherent in those foods will help support you on your journey to good health.

Fiber is an extremely important nutrient. It is thought that fiber can:

    • help you feel full following meals, which helps prevent overeating and can help control weight
    • help prevent high blood pressure and maintain healthy cholesterol, providing cardiovascular benefits
    • help maintain healthy bowels and aid in digestion
    • help control blood sugar and assist in preventing diabetes
    • help prevent certain types of cancer

In spite of these benefits, most people do not get enough fiber in their diets. 

Fiber is largely found in plant foods, including fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds. Most conventional dietary recommendations suggest that you should get your fiber from whole grains. Yet, the way most people consume grains in this country is in the form of white flour used in the myriad of processed food products that comprise the bulk of our food system. These include foods like breads, crackers, pastas, tortillas, pizza, snack cakes, cookies, and other desserts. When white flour is processed, the fibrous part––the bran, which also contains the bulk of the nutrients––is removed, leaving the starchy, carb-rich portion of grain behind. This is a double edged sword, because without the inherent fiber to prevent blood sugar spikes, the remaining carbs can send your blood sugar into overdrive. 

Getting started with the Kaufmann Diet

Grains, of course––whole and otherwise, are eliminated on The Kaufmann Diet, because they are both often contaminated with fungi and fungal poisons (largely because of the conditions inherent in silos where grains are stored) and because the rich carbohydrate content would likely exacerbate an underlying yeast or fungal problem. But this does not mean The Kaufmann Diet is necessarily low-fiber diet; many foods on the diet, such avocados, nuts, seeds, leafy and cruciferous vegetables all contain high amounts of fiber which make it easy to meet your daily requirements. 

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