I’m No Rocket Scientist… But…

Doug Kaufmann

In the year 1997, Dr. Mark Beilski published that lymphocytic leukemia is “intimately associated with candidiasis.”

Of course, candida is a single cell fungus, so it should surprise no one that I am in total agreement with Dr. Bielski.   But just when I think headway is being made by mainstream medicine, Wake Forest University submits this headline: 


Arsenic Early in Treatment Improves Survival for Leukemia Patients.

Yes, arsenic!  When you don’t know the cause, throw poison at it!   I’m still shocked that mustard gas is being used as a chemotherapy drug, but arsenic?  Since their pharmaceutical chemicals have failed, perhaps earth’s poisons will provide cancer treatment answers.  The fact that yet another poison has been found to kill cancer cells is unimpressive to me.

What would impress this pretend-rocket scientist?  To answer the question, “what causes leukemia?”  Show me leukemia that has occurred in a person that has not been recently exposed to mycotoxins, and I’ll show you that we do have a problem identifying the cause of this disease.  Be they mycotoxins in rice, milk, the living environment, antibiotics or grains in the persons diet, I believe that this “hidden leukemia epidemic” might be only hidden from those who profit so greatly by treating it, rather that considering “the cause.”  Being ignorant of “the cause” does not mean that they are ignorant people-they are not and perhaps for that reason one day, their eyes will open…~Doug~ 

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