Homework: Mold, Fungus Forced Cancer Center Shutdowns

Mold, fungus forced cancer center shutdowns


I’ve never dispensed homework to you, but if you’re anything like me, you’ll find that commenting on this article actually offers therapeutic relief, so it really isn’t “work.” This is likely the most tragic headline I have read in quite some time and while I was reading the article, I couldn’t decide whether to chuckle or cry. 

Let our many readers hear from you on this one…

What’s your take?

“Mold, fungus forced cancer center shutdowns”

“Persistent mold and fungus in a Johnson Memorial Hospital cancer infusion center in Enfield led state authorities to close the facility to patients for months as well as its onsite pharmacy compounding area for more than a year.”

Click Here to read the full article from the Journal Inquirer.

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