Foods That Wreck Your Diet

The holidays were ripe with opportunities to throw us off the Kaufmann 1 wagon. There’s a saying about not letting the best be the enemy of the good. In other words, don’t fall for eating something you know will really be a problem for you just because you know you can’t be “perfectly Kaufmann 1” at any given time. It’s better to figure out ahead of time how you can cheat a little without totally blowing it.

For example, your group decides to celebrate with lunch at a Mexican restaurant. Decide beforehand to resist the corn chips and order a flour tortilla (ONE flour tortilla!) and fill it with all the salsa you like. Get the fajitas instead of the cheese enchilada. Plan ahead to order a large iced tea when others order alcohol.

Making your menu choices in advance can help you to resist temptation in social situations. You don’t have to be perfect, but know the foods that are problematic for you. Choose wisely when you “cheat”.


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