Cure sometimes, treat often, comfort always. ~Hippocrates~

As a TV broadcaster, I have to be very, very careful of how I choose my words. A dear friend, whom I assisted in overcoming her breast cancer years ago, contacted me around Christmas time and asked if she could come see me. She told me that the “cancer” had returned and had metastasized to her bones and that her doctor told her that it was an advanced stage cancer and there was nothing that he could do.  I agreed to work with him if needed.

3 months later, I received a text message from her stating that her scans revealed a “complete remission” of the bone metastasis as well as her primary “cancer.” As she successfully did years ago, my friend accomplished this by approaching this disease as though it might be fungus inside her bones. She starved and killed it.

On another front, science is reporting that 14 HIV patients have achieved a “functional cure” of their HIV, because they were treated early with a cocktail of drugs. Imagine if they knew about the Kaufmann 1 diet as a treatment also!

“Functional cure” means that their infections are under control without the use of drugs. The researchers state that a “functional cure” does not get rid of HIV. 

My friend’s cancer came back with a vengeance and I suspect if she is not careful with her chosen lifestyle this “cancer” or “infection” will resurface. She doesn’t need antifungal drugs now, but needs to be keenly aware that eating mycotoxins might have her in my office once again. She knows that, but can we call her “functionally cured?”

This year 2,000,000 Americans will either die of or be diagnosed with cancer and about 1,200,000 Americans are living with HIV. Do you think it is about time that our healthcare providers think outside of the box? 
As I told my friend last December, “I’ll give you this…. something is growing in your bones.” As it turned out, according to her medical reports, it was fungus. 



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