Breast Cancer Awareness Month is Over.

  Why Was This Important Article Overlooked in October’s Media?
Every other year, the American Cancer Society (ACS) publishes breast cancer data. On October 1st, the following data was published.

– More African American women are getting breast cancer now than  two years ago. 

– Breast cancer rates have also risen in non-Hispanic white women  since 2011.

– In the 1970’s, women had a one-in eleven chance of developing breast cancer. Today, they have a one in four chance of developing it. 

First, let me say that I have no axe to grind with all of the wonderful men and women who participate in breast cancer awareness activities. Most will tell you, however, that they must raise quite a bucket of cash in order to even participate. This money, they are told, is for “the cure” of breast cancer. The fundraising companies themselves, pharmaceutical companies and researchers have all financially benefited from the money raised from breast cancer awareness events.

Although promoting “the cure” has unquestionably been a financial boon, the results as proven by this article, have not. What we have learned is what I’ve been saying for decades. Money cures no medical malady.

Should these tax-free breast cancer awareness fundraisers continue in business? If you started a business 30 years ago, raised one billion dollars for a cause that you were passionate about, but then never realized that cause, what would you do?

1. Continue raising money despite statistics proving that your efforts have been in vain?

2. Admit defeat, apologize to those who funded you, thank them for their generosity, and then lock your doors forever. 

Which would you choose? Why wasn’t this article published in your home newspaper or seen on national television news on October 1st, which is also the first day of breast cancer awareness? Would it have made a difference in your participation or money raising efforts? If you knew that your money was funding “the cure” when this was not the case, would you have given your money to fundraisers?

Every October, I stand by idly and sadly watch breast cancer marketing at its best. I, too, hope that the breast cancer cure is eminent, but I don’t trust that fundraisers, marketers or pharmaceutical companies will ever cure breast cancer. Have they thus far? To cure any disease, you must first know its cause… it is interesting to note that billions of dollars are being invested into breast cancer research and breast cancer drugs, while, to the best of my knowledge, not a dime is funding the cause. After all, when the cause is finally known, the need for fundraising disappears.



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