Antifungal Drugs May Be Helpful For Chronic Prostatitis In Men

Chronic prostatitis is a fairly common problem among men and involves increased frequency and urgency of urination and pain in the pelvis and urinary/sexual organs. The causes for many cases of chronic prostatitis are not clear, but could be related to bacterial infections, inflammation, and neurological and hormonal factors. 
Ahmad Fouad Kotb et al. Chronic prostatitis/ chronic pelvic pain syndrome: the role of an antifungal regime. Central European Journal of Urology 2013;66:196-9.

A new study suggests that fungi like Candida can also play a major role in chronic prostatitis and that antifungal treatment may be useful for many cases of chronic prostatitis.

An Egyptian study involved 1,000 men with chronic prostatitis whose prostatitis was not alleviated by standard treatments such as antibiotics and alpha-blocking drugs (such as Flomax® and Hytrin®). Average age of chronic prostatitis patients was 34 years. After 2 months treatment with fluconazole (an anti-fungal azole drug), a low carbohydrate diet, and potassium citrate (to alkalinize the urine)- 80% of the chronic prostatitis patients reported significant improvement in symptoms.


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