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Apr, 04

Is Diabetes Linked to Cancer?

Doug Kaufmann Short of ever “knowing the cause,” scientists have just discovered that diabetes is linked to a higher risk of cancer. Their statements that “our results provide further evidence that abnormal insulin and glucose signaling may contribute to cancer initiation and development” clearly demonstrates two things:


Mar, 28

Radiation Exposure and Trust

Doug Kaufmann Many years ago I was invited to host my own local (Dallas) radio talk show on KSKY Radio. During an early Saturday morning show, I referenced the dangers associated with what I termed “ERE” or Excessive Radiation Exposures. Regarding these ERE’s, I taught that regular annual mammograms were, in my humbled opinion, exposing women to far too much radiation.


Mar, 24

…and you thought they cared?

Doug Kaufmann Thomson Reuters "MarketScan", is a company that assesses the cost of prescriptive medications. Recently, they stated that the retail price paid by consumers for the 15 top selling brand-name drugs rose more in the past year than they did each of the last five years. 


Mar, 23


Doug Kaufmann A brand new study in The Journal of Pediatrics has baby doctors scratching their heads…but you don’t need to thanks to this important blog.

The journals “somewhat unexpected” results showed that premature infants born in Sweden in the 1970’s are today twice as likely to develop asthma. 

This time, I’m going to let you put your thinking caps on and teach pediatricians and we lay public alike, why these now young adults in Sweden have asthma today. I’ll come back in and comment~
Mar, 14

I Am Sick

Doug Kaufmann I take pride in finding one of the previously unknown concepts of true wellness. But I’ve got to tell you, when it comes to feeling great, last week I met my match.

I jogged 3.2 miles on Friday, worked out over the weekend and watched what I consumed, hoping to avoid feeding fungal parasites. As hard as I’ve tried, however, I simply cannot overcome the pain that I feel in my heart for the great country of Japan. My body is well, but my mind and my heart are not.