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Jan, 10

Has Know The Cause Made an Impact?

Doug Kaufmann I have no axe to grind with Hostess Brands, short of believing that their products cause health problems in those who choose to eat them. They’re a strong company with annual sales of about $2,000,000,000, they operate in 49 states and they employ about 19,000 people. I’d call that hugely successful. If they made nutritious products, I might invest in them!


Jan, 07

Cancer and Fungus

Doug Kaufmann

Q What causes cancer?
A All cancers are thought to be caused by gene mutations. In the largest survey of its kind, an international team comprising over 60 scientists from the UK, Hong Kong, the Netherlands, Belgium, USA and Australia, working for the Cancer Genome Project, examined more than 500 genes and 200 cancers and sequenced more than 250 million letters of DNA code.


Jan, 06

Why Are Americans Always Sick?

Doug Kaufmann The December issue of The Journal of Clinical Microbiology (JCM) points out yet one more area that I was unaware of where poisonous mold can be found. Who’d have thought that 2 of 3 sinks in America would have the mold Fusarium growing in their drains? I have been teaching you, of course, that Fusarium mold makes several mycotoxins including trichothecenes and zealalenone, both fully capable of destroying human health in relatively small doses.


Jan, 05

1812 vs. 2012

Doug Kaufmann The New England Journal of Medicine recently made this argument, and I’d like you to communicate freely among yourselves as to whether the argument is valid, or might biting a bullet have been a more progressive path?


Apr, 04

Is Diabetes Linked to Cancer?

Doug Kaufmann Short of ever “knowing the cause,” scientists have just discovered that diabetes is linked to a higher risk of cancer. Their statements that “our results provide further evidence that abnormal insulin and glucose signaling may contribute to cancer initiation and development” clearly demonstrates two things: