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24 Jun

Depression - The Fungus Link

Depression - The Fungus Link   In 2001, researchers tested 5 commonly used anti-depressant drugs (Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors-SSRI’s) against Aspergillus fungi. Their findings were published in the Journal of Antimicrobial Therapy.  The concluded that “the five SSRIs tested in this study displayed different potencies with respect to both antifungal killing and lag of fungal regrowth.”


20 Jun

Oils on the Phase One Diet

oils-test In the past, oils have been vilified for their high fat content; they were likely been blamed for more heart disease and obesity than they're actually responsible for. And while it is true that some oils such as hydrogenated oils undoubtedly contribute to poor health, science has found other types of oil to be quite healthy. 


cancer-alert You’ve read my previous blog on the unquestionable link that exists between the antibiotics that all of us have taken and colon cancer. As it turns out, common antibiotics are giving us cancer. But wait, antibiotics are fungus! Are antibiotics giving us fungal infections that doctors are calling "cancer"?


16 Jun

Goodbye to a Dear Friend.

don-pruitt On June 11, 2014, Know the Cause lost a great friend. After 15 years of fighting tumors and squamous cell carcinomas that caused pain, suffering and disfigurement, Don Pruitt went to be with the Lord. Don’s testimony left an amazing legacy of patience, humility, friendship and kindness to many Know the Cause viewers. Don changed his way of life of eating and in doing so he lived an extra 15 years. He refused the traditional ways of popular medical treatments.