The Fungus Link to Stomach and Digestive Disorders
Prostate TEST
29 Apr
FUNGUS and ADDISON’S DISEASE – could it be? Mike Smith, my dear friend, assists me in communicating with all of my friends within the social media. He told me that one of you wanted information on the autoimmune disorder known as "Addison’s Disease". I immediately jumped on this request because of a serendipitous event that occurred in 2009.


23 Apr

Men and Prostate Problems

prostate-exam The prostate gland isn't something we men usually like to think about – until, of course, it begins to act up. Prostate problems, however, affect virtually all men over the age of fifty, and symptoms usually worsen as men age. Benign prostatic hypertrophy is the most common prostate problem in men. It can cause trouble urinating. Doctors often prescribe medicine or advise surgery to fix problems associated with BPH or an "enlarged prostate".


Antibiotics in our meat consumption minimized The FDA recently announced that 25 pharmaceutical companies are voluntarily phasing out the use of growth promoting antibiotics if animals used in our meat supply. The companies said that they will either stop giving these animals antibiotics immediately, or will revise their protocols so that antibiotics would be given, but only if a veterinarian prescribed them. 


16 Apr

After the Show: Breast Implants