No one seems to "get it"...including me!

My weekend became an amazing education for me! Let's talk about these three things on today's FB Live Show!

1. One man said his medicine finally started working when he began following the Kaufmann One Diet.

2. One nurse said her son was told by his gymnastics coach said that he needed to gain weight. She began loading him up on ice cream, desserts, soda pop, and bread at almost every meal-so he would gain weight. Two weeks later, passed out and was taken by ambulance to the emergency room, He stayed in the hospital for several days. His diagnosis? Type 1 Diabetes...

3. My son visited me over the weekend and we ate dinner at a local restaurant. After a nice dinner, he ordered cheesecake (this used to be my favorite dessert) and I avoided it...until the bill came... I saw that the half-eaten cheesecake was $12! Hey, what harm can a $6 half piece of cheeses cause me? I'm tough! After arriving home from the restaurant, I got lightheaded, began sweating and felt horrible! The message? See #2 above! EXCITED TO TALK TO YOU!!!!