A physician friend and I had lunch the other day and when the waiter brought our food, my friend said, "this really is medicine!" He has been in medical practice for 31 years and thanks to our meeting a few years ago, he now understands that food can be your best friend or your worst enemy! Better yet, you get to choose! Sadly, his peers don't know this.

Diet isn't popular in medicine today because diet isn't profitable. That is a sad commentary on why we are where we are today in American healthcare. When we begin to spend time studying why diet hurts or helps us, the truth will become self-explanatory-for many of you it already is.

In the interim, for others diet is used as a quasi-acceptable tool, along with medications, of course, to manipulate our blood sugar, cholesterol, or salt levels. I believe diet is so much more...but only if it is the right diet and only if you follow it. America is filled with dietary skeptics and judges who keep fast food companies in business. Thanks for joining me today at 3PM Central Time! Let's talk food!