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Doug Kaufmann
Dr. John Trowbridge
Dr. Roby Mitchell

Show Notes

:40 - Not telling you which health decisions to make; just sharing options
2:50 - How to compromise the immune system
5:10 - Immune system-friendly tips
6:10 - "We have completely disrupted natural living..."
6:50 - "Symptoms are the smoke, not the fire."
8:00 - "Domino Diseases"
10:30 - Do you cheat on your diet?
11:00 - Beer lessons


The Fungus Link Vol 1

Both Doug Kaufmann and David Holland, MD discuss topics such as chronic fatigue syndrome, arthritis, intestinal disorders, allergies, respiratory illness, “brain fog” syndrome, depression, and chronic skin conditions.  This book includes the assessment of antifungal supplements and antifungal prescriptive drugs as well as the Antifungal program and diets.

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