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Doug Kaufmann
Dr. John Trowbridge
Dr. Roby Mitchell

Two medical doctors discuss why they left conventional medicine, and why their patients thrive.

2:35 - Sir William Osler quote; a simple reason why doctors can miss the obvious.
3:38 - How a weird mistake caused Dr Trowbridge to question the conventional medicine model.
5:00 - Living to 115 with natural health vs damaging patients with pharmaceutical medicine.
6:00 - Dr Mitchell learns Traditional Chinese Medicine in China, and is astonished at how well it worked. Begins questioning everything he learned in med school.
7:25 - Observing simple minerals solve cardiovascular issues in the lab, but neglecting to use them with their patients.
9:10 - A simple technique doctors omit that will prevent them from Knowing the Cause of your illness.
11:55 - Why conventional physicians will keep treating patients the same way, even when they see conventional therapies fail.
12:45 - Eczema resolved with hydrochloric acid and black seed oil - Case Study
14:00 - Why the general public never hears of the most powerful natural medicine innovations.
15:10 - Don't call cancer and heart disease "diseases"; call them "consequences".


The Fungus Link Vol 1

Both Doug Kaufmann and David Holland, MD discuss topics such as chronic fatigue syndrome, arthritis, intestinal disorders, allergies, respiratory illness, “brain fog” syndrome, depression, and chronic skin conditions.  This book includes the assessment of antifungal supplements and antifungal prescriptive drugs as well as the Antifungal program and diets.