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To diet, or not to diet, THAT is the question!
45 years ago, I began my career and have learned quite a bit about food. For example, I can now say without hesitation that food can by your best friend or your worst enemy, depending upon which food you choose.

The problem is, our healers generally don't have a clue about what helps us heal, unless it's scribbled on a prescription pad. In my humbled opinion, that spells disaster. My dear friend, Kyle Drew assesses different popular diets as they relate to great health....or not. Kyle has a degree in chemistry and a passion for nutrition. Together, these makes him well equipped to gauge which diet might help you recover from illness or simply stay in tip-top shape.

Show Topics
1. Kaufmann diet is his go to diet. +Kyle tests the Ketogenic diet.
2. Where did the Ketogenic diet come from?
3. Ketone diet feeds tumor growth in cancer. Papers stated to prove it.
4. Kyle’s Psoriasis
5. Mediterranean diet ( Olive oil, fish,)
6. Paleo, OK?
7. Ketogenic diet: is a couple of months too much?
8. Breathalyzer test

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