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Is exercise absolutely necessary? In a college course I took 45 years ago called Anatomy and Physiology, the professor had one last question on our final exams. Mind you, this is a 12 month course, so ever correct answer counted. He asked, "summarize what you learned this year about the human body in two words only." My answer was typical for a 22 year old know-it-all. I said, "it's cool!" The correct answer was "it moves!

If exercise is defined as simply moving, then every living human exercises daily. But to enjoy good health, I've learned that regular exercise, beyond simply moving, is essential. There isn't a diet or supplement that will negate the need for exercise, nor does exercise negate the need for proper diet and supplementation, but together I have found that the three of these (diet, exercise and supplements) often negate the need for medication. And that is reason enough for me to bring you this important podcast...listen, learn and enjoy as Kyle Drew and I talk about exercise!

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