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Do you believe that if you eat correctly and pray regularly you can recover from illness? YES? Then you've landed at the perfect podcast because my guest today, Erin Porter did just that to recover from decades of bad health!


To say that I enjoyed meeting Erin is an understatement, because some of you have pointed me to her incredible website,, in which she talks about finding Know The Cause on TV and the discovery was life changing. In fact, so many wonderful people dedicate segments of their social media platforms or websites to the fungus link and give me credit for their health restoration and that makes me feel so good! Thank you Erin and thank you all!

Please listen carefully. No little girl should be relegated to a lifetime of serious health problems, including an estimated 100+ rounds of antibiotics (docs, if 3 rounds don't do the trick, stop thinking "bacteria!") and 4 sinus surgeries, yet thousands are living this way because our ENT doctors never read the 1999 landmark study from The Mayo Clinic that implicated fungus in over 90% of all chronic sinus infections....NOT BACTERIA!!!!!!!!!!!!! Erin found her way out and shares this interesting story with us......


The Fungus Link Vol 1

Both Doug Kaufmann and David Holland, MD discuss topics such as chronic fatigue syndrome, arthritis, intestinal disorders, allergies, respiratory illness, “brain fog” syndrome, depression, and chronic skin conditions.  This book includes the assessment of antifungal supplements and antifungal prescriptive drugs as well as the Antifungal program and diets.

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