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It used to be very rare that a physician would contact me and desire more information on "the fungus link" to disease.  Today, it is not rare at all for physicians to contact me and want to learn more.  One such physician, Greg Emerson, MD of Brisbane, Australia, knew inherently that fungus played a role in his patients ill health, but my website, with all of the scientific papers on it (thanks, Dr. Curtis!!!) convinced him to contact me.  

That was a few years ago and he has visited our TV production facility in TX annually to update us on what he continues to learn from his studies abroad!  In this podcast, Dr Emerson delves into a recent visit to Sedona, AZ and the contact he made there. He then teaches us about something that I was honestly ignorant of until this conversation; brown fat!  

Funny, but these podcasts open my eyes incredibly!  Learn with me now as Dr Emerson shares some great information regarding your heath!

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