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A few years ago, every author in America became jealous simultaneously. Not only had my friend, Dr. Ann Louise Gittleman written a best selling book, entitled FAT FLUSH, but it had sold over one-million copies and had hit the NY Times bestseller list quickly! I was amazed that people didn't know how important fat was in their diets, and I was proud of Dr Gittleman for capitalizing on that fact.

Well, she is back with another book that is destined to become another bestseller! EAT FAT, LOSE WEIGHT is a diametric title when it comes to the medical community, who for decades taught us that fat made us fat! "Nonsense", says Dr. Gittleman, weight loss is probable if you eat the right fats as itemized in this important book! Dr. Gittleman visited our studio last week and she was kind enough to take an extra 20 minutes after taping TV shows, to dispel the "whole grain-weight loss" myth that has prevailed for far too long! You'll love this PodCast and your waistline will, too!

Ann Louise Gittleman PhD CNS

Her latest Book EAT FAT, LOSE WEIGHT




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