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Apr, 16


I vividly recall my early days on the then nameless, “horrible, rotten, restrictive diet.” Even though expert nutritionists cautioned me about eating the “too fattening” avocado and “cholesterol raising” eggs, I had learned that fungus disliked these foods and at the time, I just wanted to control this overgrowth of fungus that I thought I had. If these experts were correct, heck I could always run off my avocado induced weight and find an antidote for high cholesterol! Of course, 35 years later, we know that avocados and eggs are absolutely fine to eat in most instances. Many people on this diet find that their health elevates to a level where both they and their doctors are amazed at how good they feel! This can either be chalked up to food hypersensitivity or starving of the fungus that was responsible for the symptoms in the first place. Either way, many are living better because of this breakthrough approach to eating. In 2005, I wrote a recipe book entitled Eating Your Way to Good Health, that included recipes developed through the years that made this diet easier to follow. The book has been yet another hit because it enabled those who chose to make this diet more permanent a feast instead of a chore! I have learned that some people simply cannot afford the books with the diet in them and for this reason I have decided to simply publish the foods that are OK to eat on this diet in an effort to help everyone coming to our website: 

FRUIT, berries, grapefruit, lemon, lime, green apples, avocado, fresh coconut
MEATS, virtually all meat including fish, poultry and beef
VEGETABLES, Most fresh, unblemished vegetables and freshly made vegetable juice
BEVERAGES, bottled or filtered water, non-fruity herbal teas, stevia sweetened fresh lemonade or limeade, freshly squeezed carrot juice (see below)
VINEGAR, apple cider vinegar
OILS, olive, grape, flax seed, cold pressed virgin coconut oil
NUTS, raw nuts, including pecans, almonds, walnuts, cashews, and pumpkin seeds. Stored nuts tend to gather mold, so be careful!
SWEETENERS, Stevia, Stevia Plus, birch tree extracted Xylitol
DAIRY, Organic Butter, Organic Yogurt, (use the following very sparingly) cream cheese, unsweetened whipping cream, real sour cream.