doug-headshot-bw Not knowing your situation, and not being qualified to answer whether or not they had to remove some of your intestines, let’s move beyond that.

The question I’d pose for those who are qualified is this: What are you doing to prevent removal of more of my intestine? Gastroenterologists hope that the medications they dispense for Crohn’s disease will stop the progression of the disease. Statistics are not in their favor. Dr Crohn was a doctor who, like his peers today, failed to learn mycology in medical training. If I had Crohn’s, I’d ask my doctor to prescribe Nystatin (very safe), probiotics and L-Glutamine powder. Get his/her permission to strictly follow our Phase One diet, and I’d ask if I could drink fresh squeezed carrot, spinach, ginger and beet juice for breakfast every morning for 30 days.


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