Nov, 15
kyle-drew-bw-small One day soon, the Phase One Diet will seem like common sense to you. But if you’re new to it, it may seem challenging. Not to worry; here are some tips.

Knowing what I now know about the Phase One Diet, if today were my first day, I’d purchase one of the Fungus Link books, plus both of the cookbooks. It’s one thing to read the list of Phase one foods, but it’s another to make them your own. The cookbooks turn the food lists into incredible meals, snacks, and desserts that the whole family will really love.

For basic supplements, my “big three” are a multi-nutrient formula, a probiotic, and fish oil. Don’t think of a multi-nutrient formula only in terms of multi-vitamins, though I do like many of them. Also include the idea of greens powders that have a variety of green grasses, green leafy vegetables, and freeze dried fruits and vegetables. Many of these have a comprehensive array of foods, and by extension, multiple nutrients.

You already know about probiotics and fish oil from watching Know the Cause. Probiotics are the good-guy bacteria that normally inhabit our intestinal tracts. In my opinion, they’re essential to keep fungus at bay, as well as helping our digestive systems, and even our immune systems.

The studies coming out on fish oil are truly remarkable. It seems like a week doesn’t pass without some new information on the whole-body nourishment fish oil provides. From young children to seasoned citizens, this is so important, that I’ve asked nearly everyone I’ve ever counseled to use this daily.

As for antifungals, that could take a while because they’re so many available. This is one of Doug’s great secrets. He has scads of files showing that almost every major nutrient available in supplement form has antifungal properties. My favorites include caprylic acid, oregano oil, olive leaf extract, pau d’arco, and cat’s claw. I’ll also include NSC beta glucans in that list. Beta glucans don’t directly kill fungus, but it makes our immune systems more primed to deal with fungus on it’s own. It could easily be on the must-have list.

Begin by thinking about a couple of Phase one breakfasts, lunches, dinners, and snacks. Don’t feel like you have to master the entire cookbooks on day one. If you think about it, most of us go back to the same kinds of meals we’ve eaten for years. Find a few that you love the most, master them, and start using them time and again. Eventually, you’ll have an array of dishes that your family keeps asking for.

Just follow the cookbooks, investigate a few supplements, and you’ll be so much further ahead than you were before you were exposed to the Fungus Link system. Soon, it’ll all be a snap.





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