Nov, 06

5 Daily Supplements For Fall Health


Maintain Your Health In Fall With A Healthy Diet And Some Key Supplements



Most of us would wish to avoid getting sick any time of year, but fall often seems like the time we are most vulnerable. It is around this time of the year we are told to get the flu shot, reminded to wash our hands regularly, and be mindful of what surfaces we touch. 


Some might take issue with getting the flu shot––notably because the flu shot is manufactured to reflect the best guess of epidemiologists on which strain of the flu is going to be the most pervasive. Simply put, getting a flu shot in no way guarantees that one will not get the flu. Many would seek to simply avoid it all together.


The other advice we are given is all well and good, but there must be more we can do to avoid getting sick. 


It is likely a good idea to maintain your best health through healthy diet, regular exercise, and regularly getting enough sleep. But when you want an added immune boost, trying any combinations of these daily supplements may assist you in staying healthy through the fall. 


Beta Glucans

Beta glucans are potent immune modulatorsBeta-glucans do not kill germs directly, but they work with your body’s immune system. Simply put, beta glucans give your immune system the extra infection-fighting power it needs to protect your body from incoming pathogens. 


Many varieties are available at health food stores, but the NSC brand is likely the best available. Their patented processes micronize's the beta glucan molecules so that they are the most bioavailable. 


Vitamin C

Vitamin C is an old standby for immune health, and there is a good deal of evidence to back its use. Vitamin C is readily available in many of the foods on the Kaufmann Diet, such as lemons, limes, spinach, bell peppers, broccoli and kale, and getting vitamin C from your food is never a bad thing. 


However, keeping extra vitamin C in supplement form around during the fall is a good idea; making sure you get not just the recommended daily allowance (RDA) but a supplemental dose of vitamin C is a good way to keep your immune system primed when bugs are going around. 



The Fungus Link Vol 1

Both Doug Kaufmann and David Holland, MD discuss topics such as chronic fatigue syndrome, arthritis, intestinal disorders, allergies, respiratory illness, “brain fog” syndrome, depression, and chronic skin conditions.  This book includes the assessment of antifungal supplements and antifungal prescriptive drugs as well as the Antifungal program and diets.



Ginger root has a flavor that lends itself to fall; it’s potential to keep you healthy during flu season is just an added benefit. Ginger has a legion of uses and benefits, among them is its ability to calm an upset stomach. Ginger, however, is a powerful anti-fungal and anti-microbial, too. Adding some raw ginger to your morning smoothie or juice might give you the added edge to stay well through fall. 


Rotating Natural Anti-fungals 

Rotating anti-fungal supplements is important; in the same way that bacteria grow resistant to antibiotics, fungi can grow resistant to Anti-fungal supplements. Rotating Anti-fungal supplements gives pathogenic fungi less of a chance to grow resistant and can help keep them in check. 


Keeping your body fungus-free will assist in keeping your immune system strong and ready to defend against bugs like the flu and bacterial infections. 



Echinacea might be able to assist in preventing the common cold; it is particularly adept at preventing upper respiratory infections. Echinacea is another supplement that modulates the immune system, or potentiates it, allowing it to achieve its full potential in protecting against infections.