Dec, 16

The Phase Two Diet In a Nutshell


We talk a lot about the Phase One Diet, but less about the Phase Two Diet. The Phase One Diet is fairly simple: All grains, yeast, mushrooms, sugar, corn, pistachios, peanuts, alcohol and starches are eliminated. What is allowed is meat, vegetables, some fruits (fruits lower in sugar), nuts, seeds, and a few specific dairy products. Many people find this diet fairly restrictive, because it is such a departure from the standard American diet, which is loaded with grains, sugar and dairy products.

The Phase one Diet isn't arbitrary or needlessly restrictive, however; it is designed with very specific goals in mind. Those goals are to rid the body of pathogenic fungi and to limit exposure to fungal poisons inherent in our food supply.

Many people likely don't realize that fungus and yeasts can invade the body and proliferate, creating a variety of health problems. Many times, a fungal infection will go undetected, because your physician likely won't suspect yeast or fungus to be the cause of your health problems. Fungal infections may be more common than many people assume, however, and in the case of symptoms that are difficult to find a cause for, trying a diet that is designed to starve fungi may be a good place to start.

Similarly, many people don't realize that fungal poisons are often found in our supply of grains, corn, sugar, peanuts, pistachios and other agriculture products, according to published research. These poisons have been linked to a variety of health problems, including cancer and diabetes. By eliminating these foods, the Phase one Diet limits the intake of these poisons that could potentially cause very serious health problems inside your body.


The Phase one Diet is for people who are experiencing health problems who may suspect fungus may play a role in their symptoms, and we talk about it quite a bit. The Phase two Diet, however, is the next tier of the Phase one Diet, and is for people who have any symptoms they may have been experiencing under control. It is less restrictive than the Phase one Diet.

In addition to everything you can have on the Phase one Diet, the Phase two Diet includes yams, beans and other legumes, oats, brown rice, amaranth, buckwheat, flour tortillas and sourdough bread. (All other grains and yeast breads are excluded.) These should still be enjoyed in moderation but do allow for some variety on the diet.

The Phase two Diet is for adherents to the Phase one Diet who have gotten their symptoms under control, or people who have no symptoms but would like to try a more health-promoting diet. It is also a good option for young people and children, or for people who struggle with keeping weight on. As with any information gleaned on this site, always be sure to talk with your doctor or licensed health care professional before changing your diet.



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