Michael Smith Blog - Know The Cause It really bums me out when I see smart people mis-inform their audience, or rather try to stoke an already uneasy, fearful feeling in the hearts of said audience. Mike Adams over at Natural News posted an article yesterday making a number of highly outrageous claims concerning the new health care bill that is sure to ruffle the feathers of people who are already nervous after the health care bill signing.   

His assertions, while wonderful for a futuristic sci-fi plot or as sub-plots for the next Jason Bourne movie, are about as provable as santa claus. His claims that Big Government has the intention of planting chips in the arm of every citizen, remotely dispensing medicines via a wristwatch type device to be worn by every citizen, and stealing your children for noncompliance are grounded in absolutely no fact and are not outlined anywhere in the new healthcare bill.

Does this bill involve the government more in the administration of health care? Certainly. Is it a vast overhaul of the medical system? Definitely. Has the government overstepped themselves? One could certainly argue. I've read Brave New World, Fahrenheit 451, and 1984. I've watch V for Vendetta and Children of Men. (I thoroughly enjoyed all of them as well.) For what its worth, I hardly believe the government stepping into regulate one of the most outrageously priced medical systems in the world constitutes a totalitarian take over of the United States. Did you see any tanks roll down the street the day it was signed into law? (Maybe they were invisible stealth tanks; that would play well into Mike's 1984-type narrative…)

I was and remain opposed to the healthcare bill that was signed into law. Government mandating the purchase of insurance is an invasion of personal freedom and the greatest civil liberty crime committed by the new bill. But the bill also has some great qualities - at risk people are immediately covered in the event of catastrophe. Insurance companies can not drop you at their whim. There are no caps on the coverage they are required to provide. I've said this before, this healthcare bill was not about health, it is about money and regulation. That regulation is designed to protect you from the predatory practices of behemoth, for-profit insurance mega-conglomerates that look at you like a profit margin, not as a human that might need help paying for medical bills. For all it's shortcomings (and there are plenty), we have that to be thankful for.

Mike Adams, if you happen upon this, do not take it as an insult. I frequent your site and applaud what you do. But for the love of logical debate on how to make this world a better place, stop fear mongering. Do what you do best; share you knowledge on how to get and stay healthy, and stop promoting crack-pot conspiracy theories.

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