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Michael Smith Blog - Know The Cause It is well documented that mycotoxins can cause many health problems in humans. You can find this information in any number of studies and medical textbooks. 

All of Doug's books  are well referenced; Doug's books are, in a way, some of the most comprehensive nexuses between information on mycotoxins and human health. Doug's books, along with the materials they reference, are solid, scientific documents. 

Most people would argue that their risk of mycotoxin exposure is extremely small. Anyone familiar with Know the Cause knows that this isn't necessarily true; fungi are ubiquitous, and their toxins commonly contaminate our food supply and air. Anyone who eats a diet rich in grains, corn or sugar is more than likely exposed, not to mention providing any parasitic fungi that have taken root in their bodies with nourishment. The role that antibiotics play can't be downplayed, either. Who hasn't been to the doctor at some point and received an antibiotic for a cold? Most people have. And as we've learned, antibiotics (which are mycotoxins) can wreak havoc on your gut flora, paving the way for bigger problems down the road. 

There is one source of mycotoxin exposure that we don't think about very much, though. Sure, Doug and his guests talk about on the show, but we usually think of this as an unhealthy vice and not a very direct way we are affected by fungi. This is source is alcohol. 

Alcohol is the byproduct of fermentation - a process by which yeast convert sugar into alcohol. Alcohol, is by definition, a mycotoxin. Any alcohol, whether it is in the form of spirits, wine or beer, is a byproduct of yeast.

Alcohol consumption has been linked to nearly every kind of health problem imaginable - cancer, diabetes, liver problems. The immediate psychological effects of imbibing are obvious - feelings of euphoria, lowered inhibitions, etc. I like Doug's challenge to the physician that says food has no effect on emotions - Doug asked him to drink a six pack and reassess his statement. 

Alcohol consumption, especially in high quantities, poisons the lining of the heart - it has been linked to other kinds of cardiovascular problems, too, including high blood pressure and cholesterol. Drinking too much in one sitting has the ability to kill the imbiber, and withdrawal from alcohol intoxication is one of the few withdrawals that can kill a human. The list goes on from there, and hardly a day goes by that doesn't see booze linked to some other kind of health problem Sure, their are some studies that suggest some benefits in moderation. But on the whole, they negatives certainly outweigh the positives.

All of these things come from a byproduct of fungi - any person who denies the link between fungi or mycotoxins and health problems needs to look no further than a bottle of booze.


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