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Hair and Fungi

Michael Smith Blog - Know The Cause Sitting in the barber's chair can be a little awkward; a stranger is running their fingers over your head and standing at a distance that violates most people's conception of personal space.

People who cut hair know this, and tend to become good conversationalists, if for no other reason than to ease the tension the situation lends itself to. 

Today, as I sat getting a long overdue trim, the girl cutting my hair started talking about alternative methods of washing hair (Remember, I live in Austin, so this should come as no surprise). She told me the story of a friend who had developed a thyroid problem, which resulted in her friend losing some of her hair. To combat this, the she had begun washing her hair with apple cider vinegar instead of shampoo. The girl explained that as a result, her friend's hair had begun to grow back to it's normal thickness. 

Anyone who has followed Doug's work knows the many benefits of apple cider vinegar, most notably the anti-fungal effects of malic acid - apple cider vinegar's active component. There is also a section in the Fungus Link series on the link between fungi and hair loss. Lynn Jennings writes often in our newsletter about the how thyroid problems, like the one the girl above experienced, and fungal problems can go hand in hand. Knowing these things, it may come as little surprise that the apple cider vinegar helped the girl. 

Losing your hair can be a tough thing for anyone; most often it is associated with men, but women experience it too. It is something that doesn't go unnoticed, and it can make people feel very self conscious. The types and causes of hair loss are varied. Heredity, stress, nutrition and exposure to certain chemicals are all thought to play a role. 

Some people are less concerned with it. Especially if you are a guy, just cutting your hair short or shaving your head is a perfectly fine way to deal with it. But if you are worried about it, here are a couple things you can do:

1. Phase 1 Diet
Does fungi play a role in hair loss? I definitely think after reading Doug and Lynn's work that it can. What is the best way to fight fungi? The Phase 1 diet is a great place to start. The benefits of eating this way are too numerous to name here, but suffice it to say you'll get your body back in order. 

2. A Good Multi-Vitamin and Probiotics
To be healthy, hair needs vitamins and minerals, especially trace minerals and biotin. Probiotics will help get your gut back in balance, allowing you to absorb those vitamins and minerals, both from your supplements and your food. Again, these are great to have as part of a normal health regimen. 

3. Saw Palmetto and Pumpkin Seed
Both of these supplements have been show to help out with hair loss. Check out our list of sponsor list HERE to find some of the best and most potent sources of these nutrients.


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