Jun, 29

Coconut and Almond Flour

Michael Smith Blog - Know The Cause Almond flour or meal is made simply from ground up almonds, and is therefore perfectly acceptable for Phase 1 dining. It is available at many health food stores, but it is easy to make on your own. Grind almonds in a good blender until they are the consistency of corn meal.  

If you grind them too much, they will turn into almond butter.

Almonds are an energy packed food, loaded with good fats, protein, manganese and magnesium. Almonds are on nearly every health food list I've ever seen. They can be eaten raw or roasted and can be made into milk, butter or flour. Their versatility, health benefits and wonderful taste makes them a staple on the Phase 1 diet. Many recipes say that almond flour and traditional wheat flour are interchangeable, so bake away!

Coconut flour is ground from the fibers after the oil is pressed from coconut. It is great for Phase 1 cooking as well. Since it comes from the meat, it contains caprylic acid, one of Doug's favorite anti-fungal remedies. Like almond flour, it is loaded with good fats and has the additional benefit of being loaded with fiber. Fiber helps to keep the bowels moving which is essential for good health.