Curcumin and Fungus

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Michael Smith Blog - Know The Cause The telephone was a pretty amazing invention, but I have a feeling that never even in Mr. Bell's wildest dreams did he imagine that his invention would mutate into today's smart phone. I personally use an iPhone (like millions of other people), and I have to admit that it comes in handy in situations like today. I would have other wise had nothing to do while waiting for my car's oil to get changed. Instead I stumbled upon this article while reading some science pages. 

Many of the supplement purveyors that you will see on Know The Cause have had curcumin supplements in some form or another. Curcumin is component of turmeric, a yellow-orange spice used in Indian cooking. Turmeric is in the same family as ginger, another health-promoting plant. If you are a fan of curry, you are well acquainted with this spice already, and in addition to being delicious, it has long been used in traditional medicines. It is a wonderful example of how food can be medicine. Like many herbs and spices used in ancient remedies, curcumin has stood up to the scrutiny of modern science, and study after study is coming out touting its benefits.

This article notes that cucrumin has been noted for it's protection against bacterial infections such as tuberculosis and sepsis. It also notes that studies are being done one curcumin's potential role in cancer treatment. Curcumin prevents blood flow in tumors, making it a powerful weapon against certain types of cancer.

Interestingly, the article also notes curcumin's anti-fungal properties; these have obviously made it especially liked around Know The Cause. Doug has recommended it numerous times on the show, and it can be used in your rotation of natural anti-fungals in the way that you would use oregano, olive leaf, cinnamon or garlic. It is remarkable that these substances are often just as effective at fighting fungus as drugs designed to do the same thing!

Curcumin, according to this article, is so effective because it elevates a certain protein called CAMP. This protein is what is responsible for fighting off viruses, bacteria and fungi.

According to one of the researchers, "It is interesting and somewhat surprising that curcumin can do that, and provide another tool to develop medical therapies." Interesting, perhaps. It is also interesting that in addition to being a powerful anti-fungal, curcumin has such a broad range of problems that it is effective against.

The question might be, could fungi cause any of the other problems which curcumin helps remedy? Mycotoxins are known to cause cancer, among other things. Sepsis can also be the result of a systemic fungal infection. Does the fact that curcumin is a noted Anti-fungal AND fights cancer prove that there is a link? Not necessarily. But it is interesting to note.

Regardless, curcumin is a powerful tool to have in your supplement cabinet. While it is wonderful to see mainstream practitioners considering natural approaches, and it is great that studies are being done on this simple, powerful, natural compound, you don't need to wait for their published results to enjoy the benefits.