What Is In "Processed" Meat?

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msmith Anyone familiar with the Phase 1 diet knows that meat is allowed, and even encouraged, often in greater amounts than one would consume on other diets. Bacon and eggs in the morning, turkey in a salad in the afternoon and a grass fed steak for dinner wouldn't be out of line on the Phase 1 diet. 


This amount of meat (not to mention the subsequent fat) would be enough to make many health practitioners faint.

On Phase 1, meat plays a critical role, in part because of the calorie deficit left in your diet from excluding grains and sugar. Phase 1 seeks to limit grain, sugar, corn and potatoes – all food products that are cornerstones of the American diet. One must be especially conscious and purposeful in avoiding these foods, because they are in virtually everything. Regardless of how ubiquitous they are, these foods are documented as being contaminated with mycotoxins - fungal poisons that are disastrous to human health. Furthermore, consuming high quantities of grains and sugar is a perfect way to fuel a fungal infection in your body. In order to prevent exposure to mycotoxins and starve fungi, all forms of sugar, grain and starch should be excluded from your diet.

Consuming meat, however, is perfect for a diet designed to fight fungi. But is there a darker side?

Phase 1 encourages certain kinds of meat. But, this encouragement isn't necessarily a green light to consume any meat product, whatsoever. It is no secret that the food system in America is broken on the large scale. The way that we farm animals that constitute the majority of the meat supply in America is abominable. Many of these practices could ultimately be implicated in the poor state of American health; there is no doubt that the way we raise animals in this country has much to do with any negative health effects meat consumption renders.

Factory farmed animals are routinely given hormones and antibiotics; these two methods serve to put weight on the animals before slaughter. However, these drugs collect in the fat of the animals and subsequently wind up in the meat and milk humans consume. In fact, even in mainstream medical thought, the accumulation of these drugs in the food supply has been implicated in antibiotic resistance and precocious puberty in girls. In addition to the fat in meats being wrought with pollutants, the omega 6 to omega 3 ratio in cows fed corn instead of grass is heavily in favor of omega 6. Omega 6 has been implicated in a number of diseases and is highly inflammatory. If this wasn't enough, much of this meat is preserved with sodium nitrite - a toxic carcinogen that has nearly been banned by the FDA, yet continues to be used because of lobbying from the food industry.

In short, on Phase 1 it is best to skip all kinds of processed meats. In addition to everything listed above, you'd be amazed at how many processed meats - i.e., sausage, pepperoni, deli meats, etc. - use grain and corn fillers. Instead, stick to grass fed beef, pastured turkey and chicken, and wild caught ocean fish. Try to eat organic as often as you can. The long-term benefits are worth the short-term expense.